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Computer Source - Software and Hardware Installation and Upgrades

Need a New Computer?

Computer Source can custom design a solution to fit your exact needs. That may mean a desktop computer with a laser printer, or a laptop with a portable scanner, or a server with redundant backups. We offer a wide variety of computer, printer, and software options, and also provide Apple Computer solutions, all for individuals or businesses. See our Products page for more information.

Got Old Computer Blues?

Computer Source believes in getting the most out of the system you already have, even prolonging the life of your computer if it is at all feasible. Our technicians can size up your current computer configuration and offer options for hardware and software upgrade paths. Drop your computer by to us and we will let you know just how far you can take your old computer and, if necessary, compare it to purchasing something new.

Software Installation and Upgrades

Computer Source offers a wide variety of software titles we can custom match to your computer needs. From Adobe to Zmanda, Apple or Windows, we cover the full spectrum of software offerings in the industry. For a new or old computer, we can install your software and get you up and running. Look for us as an alternative when software installation goes beyond your technical expertise. We can also communicate with software providers to find those software solutions you just can not seem to get answers for on your own. Contact us today.

Complete System Reinstall

Sometimes your computer just needs to be brought back to a clean state with a complete reinstall. You may need to get rid of the most pesky of viruses, be preparing your computer for sale, or installing another hard drive. Computer Source makes such a daunting task something you don't have to worry about. We can put your computer back to a factory fresh state, preserve then restore all your data, reinstall your software, and return your computer and have you working as if you didn't skip a beat, all within a very short time frame.

Switching to a Mac or Thinking About It?

The Apple Macintosh has become extremely popular in recent years. The lack of viruses to affect the platform and the extreme ease of use have put it on the most wanted list for computer users all over the world. If you're still on a Windows computer and would like to learn more about the Macintosh or have already made up your mind and want to switch, then we are here to help. Computer Source matches all Apple online store pricing so that you can buy local just as easily as online, except for the extra personal service. We can transfer your data from your old machines and come up with solutions, where possible, to access your old data on the new Mac. Windows can even be set up to run on your new Mac. We can offer in-house or off-site setup and training, and are always here to answer questions as you make the transition. Computer Source opened it's doors the same year the Apple Macintosh was introduced to the world and we have the experience to prove it. Be assured that we can support you in every way on the Macintosh, right here locally, and unlike anyone else in the area.

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