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Computer Source - Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup...

Your data is your life! The best of us can make the mistake of taking for granted that nothing bad will ever happen. Hardware can fail or viruses can infect your system, even completely out of the blue. But data loss does happen. Let Computer Source provide you a solution for backing up your precious data before failure happens.

Our Data Protection page gives more information on how, even you, can keep your data safe from the inevitable.

...Versus Data Loss

Yes, data loss does happen. Turning on your computer and realizing that it will not boot, or plugging in an external hard disk or flash drive to see everything gone that you saved there last time, is one of the worst feelings in the world. However, that does not always mean your data is gone forever. Even if your computer won't boot or you suspect the worst, Computer Source has recovery tools to help retrieve your data.

Although we can not guarantee data recovery, we use all our resources to get your data safely back to you and help you put a solution into place to keep further data loss from occurring in the future. Find out more about options for data recovery on our Backup and Recovery page of our Data Protection section.

Protecting What's Not on Your Computer

We think that data backup options for all your computer data is a great thing. But what about other data you may have in paper form? Receipts, taxes, even a room full of file cabinets, are usually things we don't think about having a backup of and sometimes not even protected at all. Computer Source also has solutions for getting your paper records out of the way and secured with electronic document management.

Learn more about our electronic document management offerings on our DocuWare page.

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