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Computer Source, Inc. - DocuWare Electronic Document Management

Buried Under A Sea of Paper Documents? Get DocuWare!

DocuWare puts your business documents within a moments reach of any authorized personnel within a corporation, to cut down on time and productivity costs throughout the lifetime of a company. At a basic level, DocuWare is a Microsoft Windows based client-server document management application. It allows you to electronically manage, handle, administer and process all your paper-based applications. But more importantly, DocuWare is a global discovery tool for your business, managing all of your documents - scanned in from paper or digitally generated - to help increase corporate knowledge within moments and decrease time-wasted searches of mission critical paperwork.

Let Computer Source introduce you to modern office productivity, with DocuWare!

Using DocuWare to replace costly and outmoded paper based applications can mean: Better and happier employees, department managers and corporate executives. Manage and file documents efficiently via any Windows based Personal Computer. Features are integrating for the purpose of freeing up personnel from shuffling paper and letting them excel at their core tasks. Without leaving your desk one can access, retrieve and view filed documents within seconds by simply pressing a key, or moving a mouse - much more cost efficient than paper-based files could ever be! Either on your corporate campus or around the world, document access can be made available via the Internet, an Intranet, a LAN or a WAN. A focused environment creates more satisfied employees, which in turn makes it easier for departmental managers to manage, decreasing the need to replace workers. Corporate executives then derive base-line benefits of cost savings, quick return on investments and increased revenue.

Key Features of DocuWare electronic document management.

  • Lower Labor Costs
    The amount of time spent filing and retrieving documents, looking for misplaced or lost documents is eliminated.
  • Less Space Required
    Archive or document storage rooms and paper filing cabinets are no longer necessary.
  • Lower Paper Consumption
    An enormous savings in filing supplies.
  • More Convenience
    Filing and retrieval are done at your desk.
  • More Transparency
    Everything, all your documents, are in a centralized electronic virtual File Cabinet.
  • Enhanced Employee Productivity
    Important documents are immediately available, eliminating redundant activities.
  • Improved Customer Service
    Due to improved availability of information, customers are quickly satisfied.

Click on each item below to discover more about DocuWare and its possibilities.

Why Do People Choose DocuWare?
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  • 1. DocuWare Solves a Problem - DocuWare does what it was intended to do.
  • 2. DocuWare is Complete - No additional software is required.
  • 3. DocuWare is Easy to use - User training is simple, easy and at a lower cost.
  • 4. DocuWare is Secure - No additional requirements are needed for high security.
  • 5. DocuWare is Easy to Integrate - Simple, low cost integration with other business applications or electronic solutions.

The result of these five benefits is a much lower TCO or "Total Cost of Ownership".

DocuWare allows you to acquire only the features and capabilities you need today to solve a problem or to replace a paper based application. Later on, add more user licenses or select from a full line of add-on modules available for enhanced usage or additional applications. Why pay for features you will not use until you need them?

What Are the Benefits of DocuWare?
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The benefits of an electronic document management system are numerous and can be derived directly from the shortcomings of conventional, paper-based filing techniques. With an electronic document management system, each document is captured only once, and then stored in a central file cabinet, regardless of its type or origin. Numerous work processes including photocopying, manual distribution, and redundant storing of documents under different keywords are eliminated with the introduction of an electronic document management system - saving enormous amounts of time, space and paper. Once entered into the central file cabinet, information is available for every authorized employee for viewing and processing.

DocuWare is easy to use
Each and every one of DocuWare's functions is very intuitive, making the program easy to learn and simple to use. The built-in maintenance features of DocuWare are comprehensive and designed to facilitate the tasks of the system administrator.

DocuWare covers all aspects
Due to a wide selection of add-on modules; DocuWare includes all the functions of more costly applications. It is a comprehensive and universal document management solution. DocuWare is able to fulfill even the most challenging requirements of virtually any organization, regardless of the organization's size and complexity.

DocuWare can be easily integrated
By adhering to established technical standards and by providing various interfaces; DocuWare can be integrated into any existing electronic system and application environment. With this approach, DocuWare can easily be adapted at any time to the growing needs of a dynamic company. DocuWare is compatible with most of the popular 3rd party software that provides specialty processing where necessary.

Time-consuming searching through files and folders, long marches through the corridors, the uncertainty of whether the most current version of a document is available - all this now belongs to the past. With a single keystroke, any document can now be displayed on any connected screen in any department. Work processes can be optimized and many decision-making procedures can be accelerated. Aside from the cost advantages, which come with the savings in time, space and paper, and increased individual productivity, a document management system significantly improves the service provided to your customers. Since every employee always has access to the relevant information, customer inquiries can be addressed quickly and accurately.

DocuWare lets employees do the tasks they were hired to do - and not shuffle paper all day!

How does DocuWare Software Work to Provide These Benefits?
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DocuWare comes complete with automatic Full Text index processing and full text retrieval. Boolean operators (and, & or) plus wildcards let you find all documents containing the same words or phrases in a combination of scanned documents and pc generated documents. No need to manually OCR these documents as they are processed automatically for full text indexing and retrieval.

DocuWare contains an optimized TIFFMAKER print driver for the fully automatic storage of Windows application generated documents. "If you can print you can store". Tiffmaker not only lets you print a document onto your form or letterhead stored in your printer but it also automatically indexes the document and stores it in DocuWare with the form or letterhead overlay. Optionally you can add an electronic signature or stamp, index the document and archive it with several indices for fast retrieval at a later date.

DocuWare comes with MySQL or it can be integrated with MS-SQL or Oracle.

DocuWare v5.1 includes the main functions of a previously optional module, Active Import, to automatically capture and manage email messages and/or documents scanned to a network directory (i.e. from a multifunction copier device).

How can a Business Assess the Advantages of Using DocuWare?
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Quantifiable Benefits
Cost reduction, space saving, time saving; eliminate re-filing. No misplaced or lost files, faster access time, faster communication with electronic documents, reduce the time it takes to retrieve documents and documents are always available, possibly resulting in manpower reduction. Reduced search time. Use less paper, No duplication of files, lower copier/duplicator usage, reduced transport time, less time and cost to physically transport documents, less Filing supplies / maintenance. Less Storage space, faster access, faster filing, documents immediately available to a wider audience, greater ability to communicate, faster decision time, faster money collection, faster access to money and faster customer satisfaction. One document pool for all documents, better sorting of documents, easier access for more people, greater search capabilities, more complete information and collaboration/centralization of knowledge. Reduce costs and save resources including using less paper. Less space required for filing, less Labor required, less recruiting and training of employees, less supply consumption, less shelves, file cabinets and filing supplies, less time spent, less telephone costs, less wear & tear on office equipment, less paper dispersal and fewer legal costs. Higher quality as in improved business processes, improved employee satisfaction, greater security and compliance with the laws, and many more.

Qualifiable Benefits
Provides a competitive advantage, improves customer relations and provides a more professional image. Security down to the document level, better search flexibility, better employee satisfaction and reduced turnover, faster complete document access when required, document preservation, disaster recovery, improved workflow and processing, one tool to access all documents pertaining to a given issue, unlocks the knowledge of the organization, organizational flexibility and resolves certain legal issues providing peace of mind.

The Four Basic Features of DocuWare   (Click each feature below to expand)

Document Capture
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When you capture a document, you make it available to your document management system. Only DocuWare lets you choose from several document capture methodologies:

Digitizing Documents via Scanner
Paper documents, such as incoming invoices and correspondence, are converted to digital form using a sheet feed scanner, which functions like a fax machine (only much faster). The size of the document is of no consequence, since scanners can handle anything from business cards to blueprints.
  • Use TWAIN driven scanners for the widest selection from page scanners to multi-function networked copy, print, fax and scan devices.
  • Use ISIS driven scanners for the fastest possible scanning.
  • Use the scanners manufacturers scanning utility for the widest available features.
Documents in paper form, for example incoming letters or invoices, are simply scanned and digitized. They are then automatically directed to an electronic in-basket, where they are sorted and can be unstapled, stapled together as a multi-page document, or kept as single page documents. The scanned documents are next indexed and stored in an electronic File Cabinet. During the storing process indexing information is assigned in fields to each document using various manual or automatic indexing methods (i.e. Manual, OCR, Barcode, pick lists, etc. - up to 24 fields plus full text).

Importing and Converting Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Files
All types of PC documents, e.g. documents generated in other Windows applications, can be imported directly into the system. HOST, Unix and DOS files can be imported just as easily. With DocuWare TIFFMAKER, you can create exact, unalterable originals of documents that were generated in Windows applications. In this case, the document is "printed" as a TIFF file, and after being indexed and stored, is then immediately available in DocuWare.
  • Use either automated or manual Drag-and-Drop document capture.
  • Use Active Import for automated capture, index and storage of documents scanned to a network directory or incoming email messages.
Documents, which have been created with MS-Word for Windows, Excel or PowerPoint, can be automatically stored directly into your DocuWare file cabinet with an MS-Office Add-In button on the application toolbar. In fact, any Windows created document can be stored directly into a DocuWare File Cabinet in its original format using the DW Office Add-In, or it can be stored as either a TIFF or JPEG (in the case of color) image using the unique DocuWare TIFFMAKER functionality. During this process, index information can be extracted automatically from the Windows documents. In addition, an electronic version of your letterhead or form that is used for the original print out can be laid over the Windows document, ensuring the original appearance of the documents. As soon as they are filed, all documents can be accessed by all authorized DocuWare network users.

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After your documents are captured, DocuWare places them in a basket. Here, they are assigned words in index fields (search criteria), so that they can be found and retrieved after filing. A keyword could, for example, be an invoice number, company name, and date or document type. The type and number of keywords can be defined individually for each file cabinet.

The type of index search criteria that can (or should) be used depends upon the daily volume and type of documents you process. Many types of documents, such as delivery notes and outgoing correspondence, can be captured during printing, and indexed automatically. In addition, the following DocuWare functions also facilitate indexing.

Manual Data Entry and Use of "Pick List" Selection Lists
It is always possible to enter index and search criteria manually via the keyboard. A better way is to select them from a pre-defined list of criteria (selection list). A most useful and interesting possibility, however, is to use optical character recognition (OCR) to index documents automatically or semi-automatically.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
On standard documents, e.g. your outgoing correspondence, search criteria are recognized completely automatically on each page of a document, and are entered into the file cabinet.

Point 'n Shoot
For non-standardized documents, filing can be expedited with DocuWare's Point ‘n Shoot function: simply click on the desired term(s) in your document using your mouse. The term is then automatically entered in the index field of the database for the selected File Cabinet as is used as search criteria to find those documents later on.

Barcode Recognition
All standard types of barcodes are read from your documents automatically. The position of the barcode on the document page can be determined automatically. The use of barcodes has the advantage of enabling documents with varying layouts (e.g. incoming documents) to be identified automatically. This is accomplished by reading a barcode which was printed on the document, or, if none exists, by placing a barcode sticker on the document.

Automatic Transfer
Search criteria (e.g. invoice numbers) can be imported directly from your accounting or materials management database software.

Full Text Processing
Use any word or phrase for Full Text retrieval using Boolean operators of and/or plus wildcards. Search all documents, not just scanned images!

Filing (Archiving)
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After documents have been assigned index criteria, they are filed in a digital File Cabinet. DocuWare does this completely automatically, adding the new index criteria to the database. File one document at a time or commit a whole batch at one time.

Previously filed documents, that are not frequently used anymore, can be exported from RAID 5, or other storage media or magnetic storage, onto more reasonable storage media, e.g. CD's or optical disks using DocuWare migration.

Additionally DocuWare provides security of your documents Thanks to DocuWare's open structure, it doesn't matter who filed the document, what their source is, how old they are, or how they are stored. DocuWare offers a secure user administration. It guarantees that users/groups can read documents that are specified for selected use and that others may not visit restricted documents within a file cabinet, or unauthorized file cabinets.

Document Search and Retrieval
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Searching for documents in a File Cabinet takes only a matter of seconds. This is the true power of a document management system. You can search any document by any word or phrase, by assigned index keywords or by the filing date that is automatically issued by the system when the document is indexed and stored.

Multiple users can access the same document simultaneously, so a document is never unavailable. You can view the retrieved documents on your monitor, print them out, process them using other programs, send them via fax, email them to colleagues or utilize them in many other ways. Documents can be checked-out insuring that only one person has access to the document when desired. This assures that document versioning is protected.

For displaying and editing Windows generated documents, you can specify for each individual document a particular viewing or application program to use. The DocuWare viewer itself can display documents of the most popular Windows applications.

Text from scanned documents can be processed with OCR on demand. The result of this OCR process can be pasted into other Windows applications or into the Memo field of the DocuWare database.

With DocuWare, documents are available on the network on all workstations the instant they are filed. With the click of a button every authorized employee can work with documents that have just been filed. Lengthy periods of time required for filing paper based documents, such as overnight causing a delay in the availability of the documents, is avoided.

Up to 24 available Search or Index Field are available. Not only the kind of field (text, date, numerical, etc.) but also the name of the field (document type, filing date, filed by, etc.) can be adjusted to suit your specific needs using DocuWare.

Full Text processing and retrieval. DocuWare provides for automated Full Text processing and extraction of all words and phrases in both scanned pages and CI (Electronically generated) documents. The full text word or phrase retrieval is simple and straight forward. Simply enter the word or phrase in the retrieval mask and all documents, scanned or CI documents are returned in a results or Hit List.

Additionally DocuWare Provides:

Security of Your Documents
Thanks to DocuWare's open structure, it doesn't matter who filed the document, what their source is, how old they are, or how they are stored. DocuWare offers a secure user administration. It guarantees that users/groups can read documents that are specified for selected use and that others may not visit restricted documents within a file cabinet, or unauthorized file cabinets. Documents stored with DocuWare are protected against any unwanted manipulation. This security feature is based on a sophisticated check-sum mechanism that uncovers any violations of the document's integrity. This makes DocuWare the ideal repository for documents that need to be guarded against illegal modification.

Document Migration
Previously filed documents, that are not frequently used anymore, can be exported from RAID 5, or other storage media or magnetic storage, onto more reasonable storage media, e.g. CD's or optical disks using DocuWare migration.

Click for more info on how DocuWare differentiates from simple archiving systems.
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Application processing
With DocuWare you can automate the burdens of people shuffling paper in most paper based applications. Applications that lend themselves to electronic management include, but certainly are not limited to these samples:
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounting records
  • Banking records
  • Consumer Loans
  • Council minutes
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution
  • Engineering
  • Government files
  • Human Resources
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Insurance records
  • Lease files
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical records
  • Mortgage loan files
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Police records
  • Proof-of-delivery
  • Public records
  • Student records
  • Transportation
  • Utility Records
Most any paper based application can be better served using DocuWare electronic document management. Never lose another document. Eliminate off site storage of documents.

Workflow is the automated routing of fixed work steps, which in our case refers to a document's run or flow within the department or organization. Invoices for example are scanned by position A, authorized by position B and paid by position C, before they actually get filed. That is the workflow of the document. There is either ad-hoc or rules-based workflow. Demanding solutions are realized by the combination of DocuWare with specific workflow software (e.g. Ultimus Workflow®) which can be easily integrated into DocuWare.

Filing of Incoming Faxes
Incoming faxes received by any Windows-compatible fax modem can be filed automatically into a file cabinet. In addition, all faxes can be passed on via e-mail to a central workstation, from where they are then electronically distributed to the actual in-house recipients.

File Cabinets on CD
Using an optional module, DocuWare CDMAKER, file cabinets can be copied or moved onto a CD at any time. In addition to the actual documents, the corresponding database, as well as DocuWare CDREQUEST retrieval software, can be recorded on the CD. The documents can be searched conveniently right from the CD with any Windows PC, without a complicated program installation.

Communication and Information
DocuWare allows you to dispatch all kinds of documents, messages and even spoken information throughout the network to other DocuWare users or any email users. The integrated MAPI interface enables documents to be sent and received conveniently by e-mail through the Internet, even if the mail partner is not using DocuWare. Rounded off with your Window compatible fax function, DocuWare offers new and interesting possibilities for both in-house and external communication -- in other words, ad hoc workflow.

Communication Aids and Document Annotations
It is even possible to highlight sections of text on a scanned document in color - this magic marker never runs out of ink, marking your text in brilliant colors even after years of use. Organize your workflow by assigning re-submission dates to your documents. Process all types of documents at your desk, and then forward them to your colleagues for further processing. Annotations such as colored marks, text, stamps, highlighting and drawing objects can be added to a document in an overlay. For this purpose, up to five annotation layers on top of the document can be activated. This overlay technique ensures that the document itself remains unchanged for legal purposes.

Store large volumes of documents on CD-ROMs, together with the retrieval software, if you wish. Your documents are absolutely secure and can be filed for long periods of time.

Export and distribution
With the optional CD Maker Module you can create CD's to distribute certain File Cabinets or documents to your field sales force or subsidiaries. Since the query software is included on the CD, no software installation is necessary. Simply place the CD in the PC's CD drive, and you can retrieve, display and print documents directly from the CD - ideal for laptop use. Depending upon the type of documents filed, one single CD can hold between 15,000 and 150,000 documents. That is the equivalent of 50 full loose-leaf binders, or more than five meters of shelf space.

Internet/Intranet and World Wide Access
Another way of making documents available to numerous users is via an in-house intranet or the public Internet. For a company with a large number of users who need only to retrieve documents and view, print, fax or email to someone else, the Intra/Internet module is the most cost effective solution.Just as easily, documents can be sent long distances using ISDN, named connections, or the Internet. Documents can also be retrieved in this manner, since DocuWare has e-mail (MAPI) and Internet capabilities. Electronic archival with DocuWare enables you to send documents over the network within seconds, without ever leaving your desk. You can even send a copy of the file with an added comment - either written or spoken. DocuWare's unique overlay technique lets you add remarks; make corrections, etc. on documents without actually changing the original document. The document therefore remains intact. You can also send memos to all your colleagues simply via mouse click.

Intranet and Internet allow platform-independent document access - in other words, searches can be performed using any operating system or query software. Since Internet browsers are available virtually everywhere the world, documents can be retrieved, displayed and printed from any work-station - company-wide or world-wide - without additional software installation.

Using the Internet, documents can be made available beyond the borders of your corporation - anywhere in the world, thanks to DocuWare. For managers, salespeople, subsidiaries, or your customers - as a special, state-of-the-art service.

Worldwide Safety
Unauthorized access can, of course, be prevented. Access authorization is password-protected, and different levels of access can be allocated to employees or customers.

In Summary, using DocuWare to replace costly and outmoded paper based applications can mean: Better and happier employees, department managers and corporate executives. Manage and file documents efficiently via any Windows based computer. Without leaving your desk one can access, retrieve and view filed documents within seconds by simply pressing a key, or moving a mouse - much more cost efficient than paper-based files could ever be! Either on your corporate campus or around the world, document access can be made available via the Internet, an Intranet, a LAN or a WAN.

Quit carrying the weight of outdated paperwork and cluttered document systems! Contact us today to learn more about DocuWare and how Computer Source can help you better organize your business, your workflow, and increase corporate profits.

References are available upon request.

Screen Shot of DocuWare Interface

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