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Computer Source - Solutions for Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup Importance and Recovery Methods

Many people understand the necessity of backing up computer data but often take the risk of not spending the time to make sure a proper backup is done. This can be dangerous, especially to business, because data loss can cause unexpected problem which can often lead to financial loss as well.

Already facing a disaster and need to know your recovery options?
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• The computer is new, so we can wait a while to backup.

Data loss seems to always happen at an unexpected time and this would be one of those times. Hard drives can be fickle and often a new drive, once put under a daily strain, may show signs of a manufacturing issue or even fail completely.

• I put my files on a flash or thumb drive, or even save it to CD.

Copying your data to another form of media outside the computer is a great first step in back up. But often, the correct files may not have even been copied to the CD or flash drive. Or the write to the drive was not complete or unsuccessful. Also, flash drives and CDs do not last forever, especially if either is trying to be used as permanent storage. They can fail as well. You don't want to wait until your computer is not working to find out the data you copied long ago is not able to be used.

• I just backed up last month

When we are caught up with tasks day to day, we do not realize how much time is put into the data that we have on our computers. Financial files or documents take an enormous amount of time to recreate, especially if there are no physical records of their existence. Trying to remember what invoices were made, or what references were made in a letter last week or even yesterday, can be difficult for the best of us. The best backup is a frequent backup, and daily whenever possibly.

• I back up online so it's safe.

With the increase of internet speeds and the availability of cheap backup space on offsite server farms, online backup is a great model for some backup strategies. The mistake that is often made is that the backups are never checked to make sure a restore will work properly. Test recoveries should be made at regular intervals to make sure what you back up, and the service you are paying for, are working correctly, and that you are backing up the correct files. Also, although usually reliable, there have been times when backup services have also been able to retrieve the backup files previously thought to have been safe from disaster. Also, online backups back up only data and not the entire system.

• Oh No!

To help clearly illustrate what happens when backups are found to not work once a disaster happens, here are some phrases that are often heard that represent what happens when backups may not have been done properly, frequently, or confirmed.

- I'm not sure if I had a backup or not sure when the last backup was successful

- I'm not sure how to recover the data I backed up

- I don't see the files I need to restore on the backup - This backup is not the right one

- This backup is from a long time ago

- It was done automatically so I'm not sure what kind of backup we use

- I thought it automatically backed up (when it does not)

- I thought you could just recover the data? (From a bad drive this is not always possible.)
  Refer to the Data Recovery section.

Don't find yourself wondering these same things to yourself. Confidence in your data and backup strategies is what we want to provide all our customers.

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