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Computer Source - Your Business Technology Partner

Computer Source is Your Complete Business Technology Solutions Partner.

Computer Source understands how your business depends on perfectly running computer systems, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide successful solutions for your demanding computer and networking business needs. We understand your budget and can help you balance that with solutions that work.

Computer Source wants to be your Information Technology consultants. Our understanding of standardized and forward-looking technologies means that your business will not be left behind in the rapidly changing computer world. We are a Certified Microsoft Partner and can provide all your technology resources. We are also an Apple Authorized Service Provider, for those businesses with, or who wish to develop, Macintosh infrastructures. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

The categories below explain more about why you should trust in Computer Source for your corporate Information Technology.

Tailored Corporate Service and Support

Priority Business Service. Computer Source technicians are always ready to offer on-site diagnosis and troubleshooting. We understand the crucial needs and time-frames of the business environment. When you are down, we empathize with your situation and know how important it is to get your server, network, and workstations running. We also offer service agreements which allow for regular visits or labor discounts when we spend time there ensuring your system is functioning properly and provide preventative maintenance. Click through for more information on how we understand and provide Tailored Corporate Service and Support.

Networking Setup and Security

Keeping Your Business Connected and Protected. In today's larger connected world, a typical networking solution involves much more than just installing a server, connecting several workstations, and installing software. Computer Source has progressively provided industry expertise in cutting-edge network technologies. We have a lot to talk about when it comes to network setup and configuration, so please go to our Networking and Security page.

Hardware and Software Infrastructure

Enterprise Equipment

Servers, workstations, RAID devices, and custom managed solutions are essential to your corporate environment.

Leading Technology

Computer Source offers the knowledge and variety of computer equipment choices. We analyze your specific needs and technology development plans and can give you the options and information you need to make a qualified decision for your corporation. When it's time to improve your business workstations or network, Computer Source can help you identify the best solutions for all your corporate needs.

Microsoft Partner

We have been an authorized partner of Microsoft products for over 25 years and continue to deliver the most popular software in the IT sector. We still back Microsoft products now, and in the future, and you can rely on us and our partnership with Microsoft to keep working together to serve you.

Integrated Document Management

Computer Source is the region's leading provider of electronic document management services using DocuWare. Transform your bulk paperwork filing system into a streamlined and efficient digital system that enables instant access and retrieval of the important business files, data, and records your company relies on. With the ability to integrate with your current software and hardware, DocuWare puts your business at the tip of your finger. Click through for more information on how your business can benefit from DocuWare.

To learn more about all of our Hardware and Software offerings, click through to our Products page.

Enterprise Data Backup and Recovery

Winning Backup Solutions

Statistically speaking, businesses are more likely to fail after severe loss of data occurs or after extensive downtime. We want our business customers to feel protected from data loss and such fears. From the first tape systems to today's list of online data centers, Computer Source is well versed in backup and knows what solutions the industry offers that fits your business model.

Proven Recovery Model

Disaster is something we think about so no one in your company has to. On top of setting up reliable backup solutions, we also offer local and advanced recovery options for those other times where a workstation or backup hasn't been protected. We use reliable recovery methods and have multiple resources for bringing your data back to life in case of an emergency.

Keeping Corporate in Mind

We understand that the needs of a company are far more sophisticated than an average home user, so we base your backup needs on the size and demands of your company. We have seen other companies try to use over-the-counter or open source solutions that fall short of the robust needs of a company's technology infrastructure.

Be assured that Computer Source will keep all your best interests in mind when designing your backup solution.


Computer Source employees adhere to a strict policy in regards to keeping all your data and information private, and promise that when dealing with your data and equipment, that your property is always kept safe. Click through for our full Privacy Policy.

Contact us today to know how Computer Source can provide protection for your computer systems and precious data. If you are not protected now or do not know if you are, do not hesitate!

Apple Certified Repair Facility

No need to drive hundreds of miles to get your Mac fixed. We’re local, and our Apple certified Techs are ready to help.

PC Repair Facility

Why stand in line to be a number at the big box stores when we can provide fast and personal service to get your PC up and running again.

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